Cash Policy Department (CPD): The Department is primarily responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient cash resources available to meet Government expenditure requirements in a timely manner. The Treasury Single Account (TSA) was introduced as part of the Public Finance Management (PFM) reforms to improve Cash Management in line with (PFMA 2015).

This Department is primarily responsible for the supervision of three sections:

a). policy regulation,

b) operations and

c) Investments.

It shall generally coordinate cash management operations with the Accountant General and the investment of Government funds in coordination with BoU.

 Main Functions

    • Analysis and recommendations efficient cash management policies and investment procedures.
    • Prepare regular cash flow forecasts and make recommendations on the timing of payment releases to the BOU.
    • Coordinate cash management so as to implement budgetary spending limits.
    • Advise on processes for cash management and manage banking relations with commercial banks and SOU
    • Prepare regular and timely cash flow projection reports that reflect budget compliance by working with and assisting' preparation of cash plans for all votes.
    • Oversee the consolidation of votes cash plans with MDA's to prepare a government cash flow forecast on a monthly, weekly and daily basis
    • Prepare a strategy for managing cash surpluses.
    • Implement effective communication on cash release instructions to BOU.
    • Supervise the management of the UCF and other -investments funds as may be required by law, such as drafting guidelines and policies for investment and management of the Petroleum Fund