To undertake overall policy formulation and coordination of Investment and Private Sector development policies, laws and regulations in line with the mandate of the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MFPED).

Functions of the Department

  1. Formulate, review and coordinate investment policies, laws and regulations which are consistent with the need to achieve higher economic growth targets for the economy.
  2. Formulate, review and coordinate policies that stimulate Private Sector development and enhance Competitiveness
  3. Monitor implementation of Investment and Private Sector development policies.
  4. Coordinate, supervise and monitor the performance of Agencies affiliated to MFPED in the implementation of Investment and Private Sector development policies.
  5. Liaise with key stakeholders to identify and address constraints to investment and Private Sector development.
  6. Follow up Uganda’s interests in regional investment fora.
  7. Coordinate the development and monitor the implementation of the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) framework.

Agencies and Institutions attached under the department

  1. Uganda Investment Authority(UIA):
  2. Private Sector Foundation Uganda( PSFU):
  3. Competitiveness and Investment Climate Strategy (CICS) Secretariat:


  1. The Privatisation and Utility Sector Reform Project (PUSRP):
  2. Enterprise Uganda (EUg):
  3. African Development Foundation (ADF):


  1. PPP pipeline project:
  2. Public Private Partnership Framework Policy
  3. Investor Survey Report 2012