Roles and Objectives:

  1. Initiate, evolve and formulate tax policies to achieve economic policy goals and objectives and raise domestic revenues to finance government budget.
  2. Evaluate and advise on impact of tax policy on tax payer and economy.
  3. Make annual and medium term recurrent revenue forecasts, and revenue performance reports.
  4. Coordinate and supervise URA operations to ensure effective implementation and realization of tax policy and revenue targets.
  5. Coordinate organizations like Bank of Uganda, UIA, Private Sector Foundation and others on Taxation matters.
  6. Identify new avenues of widening the tax base.
  7. Draw up appropriate legal requirements for revenue collection and related legislation.
  8. Participate in EAC negotiations, COMESA and WTO activities.
  9. Handle negotiations of Double Taxation Agreements, Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements