Roles and Objectives

  1. Preparation of the Debt Reports stipulated in the Third Schedule of the Public Finance and Accountability Act
  2. Maintaining a comprehensive inventory of government loans, grants and guarantees
  3. Reconciliation of debt information with creditors, BoU and other stake holders
  4. Compiling, verifying and reporting on all government domestic arrears
  5. Preparing forecasts for public debt interest and principal repayments for inclusion in the annual budget
  6. Processing of disbursement requests to various donors
  7. Monitoring projects to ensure compliance with Financial Reporting and contractual requirements
  8. Monitoring and coordinating Board of Surveys and recommendations therein
  9. Establishing and maintaining a register of government losses and deposits
  10. Liaising with government departments to establish and maintain arrears of revenue and advances
  11. Recovery and recording of loans on lent to private and state enterprises
  12. Maintaining a facilities and fixed asset database for government