The Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development put together this website as part of the effort to improve communication and ensure smooth flow of information with our stakeholders. The website provides a summary of the Ministry’s mandate and functions, the Departments that support the fulfillment of this mandate, publications and information on and about the Ministry among others. We anticipate that this site will be a one-stop Information Center for our esteemed patrons with in and outside the country.

The Ministry’s mandate cuts across all sectors of Government. Not only is it entrusted with the formulation of sound economic and fiscal policies, but it must also mobilise resources for the implementation of government programmes, and ensure that all public resources are disbursed as appropriated by Parliament and accounted for in accordance with national laws and international best practice.

Over the years, the Ministry has made great strides in fulfilling its mandate by providing policy guidance that has led to remarkable achievements in national economic growth. We have strengthened consultative processes with other government ministries, local governments, agencies, development partners, the private sector, the media, the academia, and civil society organisations. This is to ensure not only government wide but also country wide owned policies and programmes. We believe in participatory processes, accountability and transparency. We are committed good working relations with stakeholders and our development partners as well as mutual support and cooperation between the Ministry, Political leadership, Development Partners, and Stakeholders.

Although the Ministry has made great strides in fulfilling its mandate, we still face a number of challenges, including; budget deficit, a small tax base, budget pressures, sustaining macro economic stability while at the same time making adequate investments for poverty eradication among others. I believe that we can all work together to minimize these inadequacies.

I take this opportunity to welcome you to the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development website . I believe you will find the information listed very useful.

Permanent Secretary / Secretary to the Treasury