10th July, 2020


Ministry of Finance has launched the electronic content management system (ECMS) to improve efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery by digitalizing records.


This initiative will make the Ministry of Finance paper free in its operations with all transactions going online. This will also facilitate quick decision making, safety of documents and transparency.


The implementation of ECMS will also address challenges of volume of files and amount of documents which take up large space leading to difficulty in locating and sorting records.


Launching the system, Ministry of Finance Undersecretary/Accounting Officer, Betty Kasimbazi said documents in the old filing system were prone to damage and misplacement.


“This system is user friendly and cost saving because it will make Ministry of Finance Paper free. It interfaces with the IPPS, IFMS and PBS," said Kasimbazi adding that all key operations of the Ministry such as procurement, registry and Accounts have been linked.


The Ministry is working with Sybyl Joint venture with Automated Work Flow Private Ltd (rebranded as Candela Labs) to implement ECMS with support from NITA-U for reliable connectivity.


Kasimbazi said the Ministry will soon embark on change management training to ensure that all staff appreciate the change from the paper system to paper free operations.