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BMAU G&E Briefing Paper 11-19-How gender and equity responsive is the Energy Sector.pdf (905.09 KB) 905.09 KB
BMAU GEPR 2018-19_0.pdf (5.48 MB) 5.48 MB
BMAU Policy Brief 1-19 - Are Agricultural Sector Institutions in Uganda Complying or Flaunting the Public Financial Management Laws and Regulations.pdf (505.99 KB) 505.99 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 10-19 -Unclear unit costs of collection, limits availability of blood in health facilities.pdf (545.11 KB) 545.11 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 11-19-The Road Maintenance Backlog- A cause for concern.pdf (702.13 KB) 702.13 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 12-19-Uganda%u2019s Mineral and Mining Sub Sector - What can be done to harness its full potential.pdf (710.56 KB) 710.56 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 13-19 - Development Projects under the Education sector - How are they performing.pdf (638.56 KB) 638.56 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 14-19 -Implementation of Annual Budget Performance Contracts and Annual Performance Agreements in the Local Governments- What are the key issues.pdf (463.79 KB) 463.79 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 15-19-Financing Local Governments- Exploiting the potential of local revenue.pdf (626.8 KB) 626.8 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 16-19 -Performance of Agriculture Credit Facility in Uganda - What are the trends.pdf (645.85 KB) 645.85 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 17-19-Project for Financial Inclusion in Rural Areas- Will the objectives be achieved.pdf (635.34 KB) 635.34 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 18-19 - Can Uganda achieve SDG 6 on Water and Sanitation by 2030.pdf (589.12 KB) 589.12 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 19-19- How can the increasing water demands be met within existing public financial resources.pdf (580.85 KB) 580.85 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 2-19-Parent led school feeding - A tested approach to improve learning in schools.pdf (667.02 KB) 667.02 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 20-19-Are the Public Financial Management E-Systems Performing.pdf (547.64 KB) 547.64 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 21-19-Maintenance of National Roads- What are the key challenges.pdf (494.67 KB) 494.67 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 22-19-How is the Rural Industrial Development Project performing.pdf (522.53 KB) 522.53 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 23-19-Gender Responsiveness in the Transport Sector.pdf (607.28 KB) 607.28 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 24-19-Domestic arrears in Public Universities-What are the drivers and effects.pdf (520.42 KB) 520.42 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 25-19-Performance of Agricultural Extension Services - What are the emerging challenges.pdf (734.93 KB) 734.93 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 26-19-Business, Technical and Vocational Training- Are the objectives being met.pdf (837.91 KB) 837.91 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 27-19-How are Land Related Challenges Affecting Service Delivery in Uganda.pdf (774.1 KB) 774.1 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 28-19-What are some of the best practices in Education Service Delivery.pdf (635.68 KB) 635.68 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 29-19-How can the performance of the Electricity Sub-sector be enhanced.pdf (906.07 KB) 906.07 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 3-19 - Urban Roads Resealing Project (URRP) under Ministry of Works and Transport - Are the outputs and outcomes being achieved.pdf (727.4 KB) 727.4 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 30-19-Is the Water and Environment Sector in position to achieve the NDPII Sector Outcome Targets.pdf (557.61 KB) 557.61 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 4-19- Nutrition -A path way to reducing maternal and child mortality that must be strengthened.pdf (559.6 KB) 559.6 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 5-19-Access to Health Care Services. Experiences of Persons Living with Disabilities in Eastern and Northern Uganda.pdf (601.3 KB) 601.3 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 6-19-Access to education by children with special needs - What are the issues.pdf (483.81 KB) 483.81 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 7-19-National Backbone Infrastructure- Is the country reaping investment dividends.pdf (768.59 KB) 768.59 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 8-19-Effectiveness of Disaster Management and Disaster Risk Reduction in Uganda. What are the challenges.pdf (611.95 KB) 611.95 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 9-19- Commercial uptake of research - Have the Innovation Fund supported projects delivered.pdf (540.71 KB) 540.71 KB