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Programme 03: Sustainable Development of Petroleum Resources

Key activities for FY 2023/24 under Programme 03: Sustainable Petroleum Development programme

1.Structure the crude oil trading business and define the crude oil shipping and tankers approach. This is targeted to ensure that the first oil extraction is obtained in the second quarter of 2025. This is in addition to execution of project management initiatives which include joint venture coordination, project controls, and business development as well as implementation of Enterprise wide business systems and processes.

2.UNOC will secure financing for the Kampala Storage Terminal (KST) and undertake the development of designs for front-end engineering as well as secure an engineering procurement and a contractor.

3.Other Corporate strategies to be implemented include execution of the Stakeholder Engagement and Management plan, conducting Media monitoring services of UNOC on all communication platforms in addition to acquisition of land for UNOC.

5. Improve transparency in the Oil and Gas Sector through stakeholder engagements, preparation and dissemination of the Uganda Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (UGEITI) Report for FY2023/24 – a requirement by the Extratctive Industries Transperncy Initiative (EITI) to which Uganda is a member.


Key activities for FY 2022/23 under Programme 03: Sustainable Petroleum Development programme

  1. Commence construction works of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP);
  2. Undertake technical studies to refine geological model and estimate of resources for the new exploration blocks
  3. Continue with data analysis and interpretation of the new prospective blocks;
  4. Complete designs of pre-requisite infrastructure in Kabaale Industrial Park (KIP) and commence construction of KIP site offices;
  5. Implement the Land Allocation Policy for Kabaale Industrial Park (KIP);
  6. Secure Government’s Equity financing est. US $ 418.78 Million in all the projects i.e., EACOP, Refinery, KST, JST, KIP among others;
  7. Negotiate the key agreements for the oil refinery, Upstream, EACOP and Kampala Storage Terminal (KST);
  8. Engage in the field preparatory activities for the oil refinery;
  9. Undertake Engineering designs for the Kampala Storage Terminal;
  10. Engage in execution of approved work programme for Tilenga and Kingfisher projects;
  11. Construct the Jinja Storage Terminal (JST) Oil jetty and pipeline connecting the Terminal to Lake Victoria;
  12. Secure trading stocks to build National Strategic Reserves
  13. Launch and carryout the Liquefied Petroleum Gas business activities.