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Programme 16: Governance and Security programme

Key activities for FY 2023/24 under Programme 16: Governance and Security programme

1.Carry out Information Technology and Performance Audits Across MALGs.

2. Prepare Fiscal Risk Statements across MDAs in accordance with best practice.

3. Conduct training in Governance oversight of significant risks to Organizational value creation and preservation in at least 50 votes and develop a National Organizational Governance Oversight Strategy and Manual and disseminate it to at least 400 MALGs.

4. Carry out quarterly inspections to strengthen compliance of public finance management accountability rules and regulations.

5. Preparation and validation of Treasury Memoranda

6. Enforce the segregation of duties, change control tracking and risk control for identified


Key activities for FY 2022/23 under Programme 16: Governance and Security programme

  1. Prepare and disseminate Forensic Audit manuals, guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures

  2. Refine processes to align with the international professional practices framework (IPPF) and the government audit processes;

  3. Train, re-train and certify staff on the use of forensic laboratory; Benchmark the current forensic tools with other assurance providers

  4. Conduct specialized, forensic and investigative audits of the PFM systems to advise management on effectiveness of PFM systems;

  5. Enhance Internal Audit Capacity to facilitate management role in areas of forensics, risk management and fraud detection and prevention across Government;

  6. Develop and provide Fraud Risk profile across government;

  7. Enhance usage of Governance Risk and Compliance tool (GRC) modules to enforce segregation of duties on IFMS and map key performance indicators to appraise usage of IFMS by votes;

  8. Assess current processes for planning, fieldwork, reporting and follow up of audits;

  9. Enhance systems capacity and provide infrastructure support capability through Data Center enhancement;

  10. Carry out Information Technology and Performance Audits Across Ministries Agencies and Local Governments (MALGS);

  11. Review and update ICT Security Policies/risk register update and carry out proactive ICT Security assessments by strengthening the perimeter defense and internal risks with a functional disaster recovery solution;

  12. Carryout IFMS roll out activities including site survey visits, user training, commissioning and pre and post go-live support to additional remaining votes;

  13. Carryout Routine and ad-hoc Treasury Inspections of MDAs and LocalGovernments to assess the levels of Compliance of the PFM Legal Frameworks;

  14. Continuously build Capacity of PFM Cadres and other PFM Stakeholders on PFM Policies, Processes and applicability;

  15. Conduct onsite assessment of readiness and suitability of entities that request for Vote status in line with PFM legal framework;

  16. Conduct on site verification of responses submitted by Accounting Officers on actions taken to implement the recommendations of Parliament on the report of the Auditor General;

  17. Prepare and ensure submission of Treasury Memoranda to Parliament in line with the Statutory Timelines.