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Submitted by webmaster on March 8, 2023

Strategic Goal: Improve programmes spending and service delivery linkages for Private Sector Competitiveness

Objective: To strengthen private sector development through informed strategies.

Strategies: -

  • Operationalization of the National¬† BDS Strategy
  • Development of a National Framework for structured demand for PDM commodities
  • Establish a collaboration framework between the Ministry and the Informal Sector Umbrella Associations
  • Implement the ABCD approach under the NSPSDII
  • Revision of DC guidelines to strengthen project appraisal
  • Formulation of the second generation Business Licensing and Regulatory Reform (BLRR)Agenda
  • Review of the PERD Policy and repeal of the of the PERD Act
  • Complete approval of the National Public Investment Management Policy
  • Update the National Policy Catalogue
  • Fast track the development of Investment Protection Agreements
  • Fast track the full automation and operationalization of the One Stop Centre (OSC)
  • Track and follow up on Presidential and Ministerial directives on investment matters
  • Reservation of procurement opportunities to support and promote SMEs