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BMAU Briefing Paper 1-15 -Extension Services and Agricultural Sector Performance. What are the Emerging Trends.pdf (560.63 KB) 560.63 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 2-15 - Ineffective Implementation of Agricultural ProjectsPrograms. What are the Persistent Causes.pdf (544.88 KB) 544.88 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 3-15 -National Roads ConstructionRehabilitation Programme. Why the consistently high contract price variations.pdf (378.32 KB) 378.32 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 4-15 - Effective delivery of Commercial Services in Local Governments in Uganda. What must be done.pdf (709.13 KB) 709.13 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 5-15 - Biomass Technology in Uganda. The Unexploited Energy Potential.pdf (854.97 KB) 854.97 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 6-15 - Cancer on the rampage. What are the challenges facing the Uganda Cancer Institute.pdf (782.66 KB) 782.66 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 7-15 - Land Acquisition for Water and Environment Sector Projects in Uganda. What can we learn.pdf (461.4 KB) 461.4 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 8-15 - Ministry of Works and Transport Regional Workshops. How responsive are they.pdf (660.12 KB) 660.12 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 9-15 -Power transmission line projects. What delays implementation.pdf (304.27 KB) 304.27 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 10-15 - Use of Term Contracts for National Roads Maintenance. The Benefits and Lessons Learnt.pdf (591.13 KB) 591.13 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 11-15 - The Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS). Has it met its objectives in Uganda.pdf (341.33 KB) 341.33 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 12-15 - Financing the health sector. Effects of the inadequate non-wage recurrent grant.pdf (681.49 KB) 681.49 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 13-15 -Public Sector Management in Uganda. What are the key issues.pdf (500.68 KB) 500.68 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 14-15 - “Implementation in crisis.” How can the National Transmission Backbone Infrastructure be realized.pdf (1.09 MB) 1.09 MB
BMAU Briefing Paper 15-15 - Continuous stock-outs of medical supplies in Uganda. What are the root causes.pdf (751.24 KB) 751.24 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 16-15 - Public Sector Management development projects. What are the key implementation issues.pdf (506.22 KB) 506.22 KB