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BMAU Briefing Paper 6-18 - Modernization of Agriculture in Uganda. How much has government done through irrigation.pdf (882.51 KB) 882.51 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 8-18-The Environment and Natural Resources Sub-Sector - What issues are affecting performance.pdf (597.59 KB) 597.59 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 9-18-Are Agricultural Sector Managers Complying with the Public Finance Management Laws and Regulations.pdf (568.35 KB) 568.35 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 10-18-Rationalizing ICT services and systems in Government Ministries and Departments- What are the achievements.pdf (682.01 KB) 682.01 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 12-18-How Equitable is Access to Primary Education in Uganda.pdf (623.24 KB) 623.24 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 11-18 - The challenges of implementing power transmission projects in Uganda -The case of Mbarara-Mirama-Tororo-Bujagali Transmission project.pdf (901.64 KB) 901.64 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 13-18-Provision of Inclusive Education in Uganda-What are the challenges.pdf (610.24 KB) 610.24 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 14-18 - Rate of Rural Electrification - Will the National Development Plan targets be realised.pdf (867.99 KB) 867.99 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 15-18-Achievement of the NDPII targets for the National Roads. Is the Uganda National Roads Authority on Track.pdf (482.13 KB) 482.13 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 16-18-Persistent Impediments in Public Financial Management- Where should focus shift to.pdf (559.37 KB) 559.37 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 17-18 Effects of changing weather patterns in the agricultural sector-How has production and livelihood been affected.pdf (614.81 KB) 614.81 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 18-18-Project delays in the Health Sector -What are the persistent causes.pdf (560.96 KB) 560.96 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 19-18-Enhancing financial Inclusion in Uganda-Is Islamic Financing a Potential Solution.pdf (658.69 KB) 658.69 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 20-18-Decentralized payroll management in Uganda - Why the persistent wage shortfalls.pdf (649.17 KB) 649.17 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 21-18-Mobilisation gaps by both the client and contractors - A challenge to road construction projects in Uganda.pdf (697.79 KB) 697.79 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 23-18-Is Government well prepared to maintain the newly acquired road equipment units from Japan.pdf (661.85 KB) 661.85 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 22-18-Strategic intervention in the Tea Industry- Is the support comprehensive enough.pdf (540.5 KB) 540.5 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 24-18-Funding of Public Universities in Uganda- what are the issues.pdf (664.68 KB) 664.68 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 7-18 - The National Archives and Records Center in Uganda - Why is operationalization so slow.pdf (656.21 KB) 656.21 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 2-18 - Cancer and Heart Care Services(1).pdf (621.63 KB) 621.63 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 5 -18 - HSDP Infrastructure Component.pdf (567.58 KB) 567.58 KB
BMAU Policy Brief 3-18 - Districts Roads Rehabilitation Project.pdf (890.64 KB) 890.64 KB